What We Do

ID Ventures supports promising early-stage startups in Michigan with capital and expertise. We are a collaborative investor and provide inclusive access to our resources and network.

Criteria for Funding

We support companies with high-growth potential that are in the post-idea stage and seeking funding in the Pre-seed to Series A rounds. When considering investment opportunities, we look at a broad range of sectors and startups that meet the following criteria:

  1. Key founders and at least one full-time employee in Michigan
  2. Minimum Viable Product created
  3. Tech-enabled or high-tech component
  4. For-profit LLC, C Corp, or S Corp
  5. Identified scalable venture path
  6. Demonstrated progress against business model

Inclusivity Matters

ID Ventures invests in minority and women led companies at 4x the national average because we see great opportunity in entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. By providing opportunities to underrepresented entrepreneurs, we can ensure representation, respect our state’s diversity, and create a start-up community unlike any other.


What to Expect In our Funding Process

What to Expect - Step #1 Icon
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Fill out our online form to tell us a little about your startup and schedule an introductory phone call.

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Internal Review

Our team discusses the opportunity and assesses if appropriate to move forward.

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Team Meeting

If continuing the process, we’ll spend time getting to know your company and future plans through a series of virtual or in-person meetings to build a long-term relationship.

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Once both our teams are ready to proceed, we will ask for a set of company materials and references.

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Company is reviewed with our investment committee for final approval.

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Investment documents are drafted, reviewed, and signed.

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Funds are disbursed per our agreement with ongoing reporting requirements.

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Welcome to the Family!

Our team provides ongoing resources, support and networking opportunities for continued growth.