Supporting Michigan’s Startup Community

ID Ventures recently commissioned Public Policy Associates (PPA) to research best practices in select states, including in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. This review of publicly available impact data was performed to assess what other peer states to Michigan are doing to support high-growth startups in their states. The research primarily included cross-state research in the following states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Florida, and Texas. PPA conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with state and local leaders to provide detail and help refine findings regarding state efforts to improve venture capital ecosystems. In addition to interviews, PPA examined both the structure of and results from a sample of evergreen funds across the country. From these discussions and examinations, PPA was able to identify several key findings.

This report addresses three topics: 

  • Key findings and recommendations
  • Statewide models to emulate
  • State and local examples of evergreen funding in action

Key finding: 

  • Michigan trails behind other states when it comes to providing early-stage, pre-seed capital to startups.

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